Super Bowl halftime show, Taylor Swift latest

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Super Bowl halftime show, Taylor Swift latest

A climate technology company based in Los Alamos, N.M., says it has committed to removing the carbon emissions from Taylor Swift’s presumed jet flight from Japan to the U.S. for the Super Bowl in Las Vegas.

According to Spiritus, the one-way flight could cover about 5,500 miles and produce an estimated 40 tons of carbon emissions, which it said it will offset using its technology “that mimics aspects of the human lung.”

“We actually take the CO2 directly out of the air and store it away, which is different from the idea of traditional offsets, which is paying someone else not to emit,” Spiritus co-founder and CEO Charles Cadieu said. “And if you just pay someone else not to emit, you still have the CO2 you emitted in the air.”

Cadieu said Spiritus uses technology to take CO2 out of the atmosphere and store it underground. Spiritus typically works with corporations and has had big purchases from technology companies like Stripe and Shopify, according to Cadieu.

There is no contract in place with Swift, but Cadieu said he’s hoping the pledge brings awareness to its mission.

“I think we’re just hoping to get a little attention to this idea of carbon removal, which is distinct from offsetting and really does create that net zero impact … which is what everyone’s really trying to achieve here,” Cadieu said.